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The Contestants of MCERC’s Project Were Awarded by DW Akademie’s International Certificates

On 14th – 15th of September a training of data journalism was held for the contestants of MCERC under the project: “Media criticism: young journalists for media empowering”.

The 12 participants of the project were trained how to prepare analytical materials affectively using advantages of data journalism. The participants were introduced which tools are used in online data processing; how to create static and dynamic imaging forms; how can detect falsified information with the help of data journalism; data visualization during the pre-election and the election period and coverage the most important aspects of the results of the survey. Journalists appropriated the methods of graphic processing. They also studied how to use different electronic resources.

The project was organized and funded by DW akademie and supported by Caucasus School of Media.

The training was held by Mikheilo Koltsov, the technical director of Ukrainian project “”. He is also an expert in digital security, verification of information and facts checking. Mikheilo Koltsov is the lector of Mogiliov School of Journalism (in Kiev) and UMESchool.


survey presentation_17 July
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