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"Media Voice" has joined Anti-SLAPP Platform

In the ongoing battle to safeguard freedom of expression and protect media and human rights defenders in Georgia, one of the pressing challenges is the rise of strategic lawsuits against public participation, commonly known as SLAPPs.


We're thrilled to announce that "MediaVoice" is now a proud member of the anti-SLAPP platform, a coalition established in 2023, currently comprising eight organizations. Our collective goal is to set robust anti-SLAPP standards, offering vital protection to media outlets, human rights defenders, and other entities targeted by these oppressive legal maneuvers aimed at stifling their voices.


Together, we're committed to defending the right to speak out and ensuring that censorship tactics do not prevail. Members of the Anti-SLAPP Platform include:


1. Georgian Democratic Initiative (GDI)

2. Georgian Young Lawyers Association (GYLA)

3. Human Rights Center (HRC)

4. Transparency International – Georgia (TIG)

5. Human Rights House Tbilisi

6. Rights Georgia

7. Institute for the Development of Freedom of Information (IDFI)

8. Media and Communication Educational and Research Center "MediaVoice"


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