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Yes - to Europe, no - to Russian law!

We, the Georgian media and non-governmental organizations, vehemently oppose the Russian law reintroduced by the authorities. "Georgian Dream" breaking its own word and deceiving people is directed not only against Georgian media and Georgian non-governmental organizations, but also against every citizen and the European future of Georgia.

Georgian non-governmental organizations help people. Passing this Russian law will leave children and women victims of violence vulnerable; persons with disabilities, scientists, workers and young people; It will stop helping vulnerable families, farmers, displaced, homeless persons, and brave people fighting for their rights. The government wants to not cover the voice of people living in the regions, who inform the public about their plight through local, independent media.

These and the hostile laws introduced this week aim to divide the population, damage the country's European future and abolish freedom of speech. This is the government's response to the hundreds of facts of violence, corruption, illegality, and discrimination that Georgian non-governmental organizations and independent media expose and publicize.

The European Union, the United Nations, NATO, the OSCE, the USA and other international partners have declared the authoritarian character of the Russian law and its incompatibility with democracy, and after the recall of the law last year, they openly congratulated the Georgian people on their great victory.

This law is a Russian authoritarian tool to suppress freedom of speech. Its adoption will make it impossible to open negotiations with the EU at the end of the year. Instead of fulfilling the 9 steps defined by the European Union, the government, with this law, separates us from the European Union and immeasurably harms the democratic and secure future of Georgia.

Accepting the Russian law would be an attack on the main Georgian values - sense of dignity, independence and civil solidarity. This law, in accordance with the will of the Georgian people, should be withdrawn from the parliament. Russian law is not Georgia's choice!

see list below:

  1. NGO Independent Journalists' House

  2. NGO Racha Turist Club

  3. NGO Agricultural Advisory Service

  4. NGO Students for European Future

  5. NGO Open Borders

  6. "Meeting Place" in Dmanisi

  7. NGO Let's Start it Now

  8. NGO Georgian Children

  9. NGO "Sunny House" youth center of non-formal education

  10. NGO Dranda

  11. NGO Ilia Chavchavadze Charity Fund

  12. NGO Imereti Development Center

  13. NGO Niko's Garden

  14. NGO May 1st Youth Center

  15. NGO Racha Cummunity Organization

  16. NGO Public and Creative union "National Imperative"

  17. NGO World of Tolerance

  18. NGO Forsett

  19. NGO Support Center for Women and People with Disabilities "Speak"

  20. Center for Environmental Policy and Education

  21. August War Museum, Ergneti

  22. Human Rights Center (HRC)

  23. Human Rights Advocacy and Democracy Fund

  24. Human Rights Development Foundation

  25. Ayn Rand Center Georgia

  26. House of Justice

  27. Algeti Community Center

  28. Alternative Georgia

  29. NGO ,,Neogeni"

  30. NGO "Help and make Happy"

  31. Association "Art for Public Interest"

  32. Association "Social Umbrella"

  33. Association "Women for the Development of Regions"

  34. Association Dea

  35. Association Mercury

  36. Association Udi

  37. Abkhaz news

  38. Agmamedlo Community Center

  39. Eastern European Center for Multiparty Democracy (EECMD)

  40. Youth for the development of Samegrelo

  41. Adjara Regional Community

  42. Young Feminists

  43. Youth for Democratic Change

  44. Association for Youth and Adult Development

  45. Youth Development Center - XXI Y

  46. outh and Education Center

  47. Youth CCG

  48. Youth Hub

  49. Institute for New Thinking

  50. Akhalsopli Youth Center

  51. Akhalkalaki Business Center

  52. Akhaltsikhe Youth Center

  53. Akhaltsikhe Democratic Engagement Center

  54. Akhmeta Youth Alliance

  55. Child Welfare League

  56. Georgian Association of Children's Mental Health

  57. Children's Theater "Biz"

  58. Independent Living Center of Batumi

  59. Network of Batumi bicycle Enthusiasts

  60. Bolnisi Language House

  61. Bodzauri initiative group

  62. "Yeni Yoli" newspaper

  63. Investigative Journalists Union "iFact"

  64. Education and the World

  65. Education Coalition

  66. Education and Development Space

  67. Association for Development, Education and Social Engagement (ADESI)

  68. Center for Development and Democracy (CDD)

  69. Development and Engagement Platform

  70. Center for Environmental Policy and Education

  71. Environmental community organization "Eko"

  72. International Center for Geopolitical Studies

  73. Gergart

  74. Global Initiative in Psychiatry

  75. Gori Photographers Club

  76. Gori Community Radio Mosaic

  77. Grena - Association of Scientific and Educational Computer Networks of Georgia

  78. Guturi Public School

  79. Gundelik

  80. Civic center of Guria

  81. Employment and Training Center

  82. Mother's Space

  83. Union of Democrat Meskhetians

  84. Institute of Democracy

  85. Democracy Research Institute (DRI)

  86. Democracy Laboratory

  87. Democracy Defenders

  88. Institute of Democracy and Justice

  89. Institute for Democratic Security

  90. Network of Centers for Democratic Engagement

  91. Batumi office of the Network of Centers for Democratic Engagement

  92. Dimely Kalebi

  93. Floodplains of Digomi

  94. Documentary Film Association

  95. Evangelical Baptist Church

  96. Europe at Home

  97. European Foundation

  98. European-Georgian Institute (EGI)

  99. Esotopia

  100. Eco Center

  101. Economic Policy Research Center (EPRC)

  102. V2Tech Georgia

  103. Upper Svaneti local development group. LAG-Upper svaneti

  104. Harm Reduction Network of Georgia

  105. Independent Living Center of Zugdidi

  106. Zugdidi Democratic Engagement Center

  107. Free association

  108. Equal Participation Opportunity Center EPC

  109. Cooperation for Sustainable Development of the Region

  110. Equality Movement

  111. Generation Empowerment Network (GEN)

  112. Tbilisi Pride

  113. Tbilisi Human Rights House

  114. Tetritskaro Youth Center

  115. Telavi Gender Media Center

  116. Telavi School of Democracy

  117. Kedel community

  118. IGP Women's Association consent

  119. Ilias Law House (Iliasi)

  120. Indigo

  121. Inner Georgia

  122. An initiative for social change

  123. Innovation and Reform Center

  124. Institute for Innovation and Change

  125. Institute for the Development of Freedom of Information (IDFI)

  126. Yormuganlo Community Center

  127. Hippodrome - non-concrete side

  128. Iris Group - diversity management

  129. Legal Education Promotion Fund

  130. Caucasus Eco-Entrepreneurs Association (CEA)

  131. Sustainable Development Network of Mountainous Regions of the Caucasus - Sustainable Caucasus

  132. Caucasian dialogue

  133. Freya Union

  134. Rule of Law Center

  135. Kakheti Regional Development Fund

  136. Gnomon Wise Research Institute

  137. Coalition for Children and Youth

  138. Komli

  139. Komli Community

  140. Consultation and Training Center

  141. International Research Center on Conflicts and Negotiations

  142. Koshki Community Development Center

  143. Center for Creative Development

  144. Lampari

  145. Lelian Adult Education Center

  146. Lomeki

  147. Margaret Thatcher Center in Georgia

  148. Democratic Women's Society of Marneuli

  149. Marneuli Democratic Engagement Center

  150. Media April

  151. Media Club

  152. Media Ombutsmen

  153. Media Center Kakheti

  154. Media organization "Publika"

  155. Media Group "Conflict Zone"

  156. Media Development Foundation

  157. Media and Communication Educational and Research Center "Media Voice"

  158. Media Insyiyute

  159. Center fot Media, information and Social research

  160. Gamma Mental Health Center

  161. Mountain Community

  162. Mtisa

  163. Mishgov Larda (Upper Svaneti)

  164. Shame movement

  165. Movement - accessible environment for everyone

  166. World experience for Georgia

  167. Mukhran initiative group

  168. International Center for Peace and Integration

  169. Parents for education

  170. Mtskheta-Mtianeti Regional Hub

  171. Green Alternative

  172. Center for Support and Empowerment

  173. Naambobi

  174. Step Kharagauli

  175. Nazarlo Community Center

  176. Ozurgeti Gender Media Center

  177. Ozurgeti Independent Living Center Opiodoc

  178. Orbelian Georgia

  179. Center for Organizational, Strategic and Democratic Priorities (COSDP)

  180. Families Against Discrimination (FAD)

  181. Partners - Georgia

  182. Partnership for Human Rights (PHR)

  183. Partnership for social welfare

  184. The first European

  185. A platform for new opportunities/PNO

  186. Platform Salam

  187. Prevention for progress

  188. Proactive Group Georgia

  189. Center for Progress

  190. Endowment "ProDemos"

  191. Proius Georgia

  192. Professional and personal Development center - Profesio

  193. Journalists' Union "Voice of people"

  194. Network of Journalists for Gender Equality

  195. Journalism Resource Center

  196. Real people, Real Vision

  197. Regional Development Center

  198. Center for Regional Initiatives "Bright Future"

  199. Regional Partnership Center (RPC)

  200. Registered Union "Children of Georgia"

  201. Reproductive Education Hub

  202. Reforms and Research Group (RRG)

  203. Russian Research Center

  204. Soviet past Research Laboratory

  205. Transparency International - Georgia

  206. Public Movement "Multinational Georgia"

  207. community Biliki

  208. Community Association Bemon

  209. Public movement "Greens"

  210. Public Art Platform

  211. Community Development Platform

  212. Community organization Nukriani

  213. Leli Community Foundation

  214. Initiative group - Active Citizenship Academy

  215. Initiative group "Rodemde"

  216. Information agency

  217. Information Medical-Psychological Center "Tanadgoma"

  218. International Society for Fair Elections and Democracy

  219. The voice of Samegrelo

  220. Scientific-intellectual club "Dialogue of generations"

  221. Civic Activities Center

  222. Center for Civic Engagement and Equity

  223. Center for Civic Activity and Regional Development

  224. Association of Civic Education Lecturers

  225. Civic Education and Development Center

  226. Civil Equality Platform

  227. Center for Civic Initiatives and Innovations

  228. Center for Civic Integration and Interethnic Relations

  229. Civil movement "Leave the Parliament in Kutaisi"

  230. Civil movement "Shenmokmedi"

  231. Civil movement for freedom

  232. Civic movement Talga

  233. Civic platform - Toti citizens for their rights

  234. Civil society for development

  235. Institute of Civil Society

  236. Civil Society Foundation

  237. Center for promoting the formation of civil society

  238. Civil Solidarity Fund

  239. Civic Engagement and Activism Center (CEAC)

  240. Women of Samtskhe-Javakheti for a peaceful Georgia

  241. Sankhretis Karibche

  242. Saorsa

  243. Court Watch

  244. Sapari

  245. Georgia - democracy and civil society

  246. Association of Addictologists of Georgia

  247. Union of Azerbaijani Youth of Georgia

  248. Atlantic Council of Georgia

  249. Association of Young Lawyers of Georgia

  250. Association of Youth Workers of Georgia

  251. Children of Georgia

  252. United Nations Association of Georgia

  253. Democratic Development Union of Georgia

  254. Georgian Democratic Initiative (GDI)

  255. European orbit of Georgia

  256. National Foundation of Georgia

  257. Children's village of Georgia SOS

  258. Caritas Georgia

  259. Media-club of Georgia

  260. Academy of the Future of Georgia

  261. Penn Center of Georgia

  262. Georgian Charter of Journalistic Ethics

  263. Alliance of Regional Broadcasters of Georgia

  264. Georgian Reforms Association (GRASS)

  265. Library Association of Georgia

  266. Public Health Foundation of Georgia

  267. Civil Society Development Association of Georgia (ACSDG)

  268. Association of Social Workers of Georgia (GASW)

  269. Georgian Strategic Analysis Center (GSAC)

  270. Association of Body-Oriented Psychotherapy of Georgia GABP

  271. Georgia's Udiebi

  272. Association of Psychosocial Assistance of Georgia "Ndoba"

  273. Georgian Women's Democracy Network

  274. Federation of Disabled Persons of Georgia "Revival 2002"

  275. Assessment Society of Georgia

  276. Scientific research center for conservation of species, Nakresi

  277. Sdek Mtskheta-Mtianeti Committee

  278. Sentire

  279. Sector 3

  280. Association of Therapy of Socially Disadvantaged People of Sighnaghi Region

  281. Community of solidarity

  282. Solidarity Center

  283. Community education and empowerment center of Kakhati

  284. Village Center for Rural Development and Civic Engagement - Lilifari

  285. Rural women for human rights

  286. Center for Social Sciences (CSS)

  287. Alliance of Social Enterprises

  288. Institute for Social Research and Analysis

  289. Social Justice Center

  290. Social Enterprise Gumbati

  291. Social enterprise free space

  292. Student-Youth Council

  293. Studio monitor

  294. Center for Teaching and Research

  295. Tolerant

  296. Tolerance and Diversity Institute (TDI)

  297. Transgender men's initiative group "Our Club"

  298. Tkibuli District Development Fund

  299. League of Universals

  300. Urban Development Institute

  301. Rights Georgia

  302. Femea

  303. Femina

  304. Fund for Feminist Initiatives

  305. Fund Abkhazinterkont

  306. Foundation Tasso

  307. Franklin Club

  308. Georgia Network of Psychiatry Service Users and Survivors

  309. Xenon - Association of Psychologists and Doctors

  310. Fusfusi - your safe space

  311. Women for Freedom

  312. Women from the region for community development

  313. Women for the development of the region

  314. Women from Georgia

  315. Women for change

  316. Women's Association "Let's do together"

  317. Gvirila - Women's Association

  318. Support group for women's initiatives

  319. Women's League

  320. Women's Organization-Union "Parosi"

  321. Women's Political Resource Center

  322. Women's Community Radio WW

  323. Women's Solidarity Center

  324. Women's Foundation "Sukhumi"

  325. Women's Foundation in Georgia

  326. Women and development

  327. International Center for Education and Information of Georgian and German Women

  328. Georgian media group

  329. Media of Kvemo Kartli -

  330. Kvemo Kartli Women's Association "Women and the World"

  331. Queer Association - Themida

  332. Kutaisi post

  333. Kutaisi Information Center

  334. Kurdish-Georgian socio-cultural platform

  335. Open House

  336. Open Space Caucasus (COS)

  337. Center for Deep Structural Reforms

  338. Kvareli Euroclub

  339. Black Sea Academy

  340. Shaumian Community Education Center

  341. National Network of Women with Disabilities

  342. Association of parents of disabled children "Lampari"

  343. Association for Integration and Development of Disabled Persons "Hangi"

  344. Alliance of Women with Disabilities

  345. Center for Engagement and Development

  346. Chemi Imereti

  347. My city is killing me

  348. We for education

  349. Chemi Kharagauli

  350. We - for Education

  351. Changes for equal rights

  352. Digital technology agency Neo Tv

  353. International prison reform

  354. Knowledge Cafe

  355. The power of knowledge

  356. National Violence Prevention Network

  357. Center for Psychosocial and Medical Rehabilitation of Torture Victims GCRT

  358. Tsertili

  359. Red bridge

  360. Chavchavadze Center

  361. for a healthy future

  362. Habitat for Equity Achievement and Development (HEAD)

  363. Hepa Plus

  364. Humanitarian Center Abkhazia

  365. Ad Hoc Response Center


  367. Animal Project

  368. Breath Georgia

  369. Caucasus Principium

  370. Centre Empathy

  371. Child Welfare League

  372. Civic Integration Foundation

  373. Community Foundation Together for Telavi

  374. Democracy Research Institute

  375. Divine Child Foundation OF Georgia

  376. DW Akademie

  377. EECMD

  378. Emdr Georgia

  379. EveryWay


  381. FirstNews ge

  382. Georgian Students for Liberty

  383. Georgian Women’s Action Group Toronto

  384. GIPA

  385. GRC

  386. GrlzWave

  387. Gundelik

  388. IBDIPC

  389. Ifact

  390. Innovation and civic development center - progress house

  391. JAMnews

  392. Kunsthalle Tbilisi

  393. LibMod

  394. LiMPoPo

  395. Mindworks



  398. PDI

  399. Pen Georgia

  400. Promote Georgia

  401. Public Policy Teaching Center (PPTC)

  402. Save the Children International

  403. TV მონიტორინგი

  404. WeResearch

  405. Women for Freedom

  406. Z.axis


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