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"History Keepers" Awarding Ceremony 2024

Commemorating the two years since Russia's full-scale war in Ukraine, "Media Voice" awarded "History Keepers" for 2024.

🏆 This year, a special jury has identified 11 winners in Ukraine and Georgia, who have contributed in various fields to the fight against Russian disinformation, the promoting true historical narratives, and the strengthening of solidarity with Ukraine. The "History Keepers" award, established in 2022 continues to honor journalists, activists, scientists, and artists from both Georgian and Ukrainian communities for their outstanding efforts.

“History keepers” 2024 are:

🇬🇪 Rati Mujiri, Journalist of “Droeba” program (at Formula TV) and a author of documentary prose “Slaves Are Not Allowed to Enter in Paradise”;

🇬🇪 Organization "Dopomoga Ukraini";

🇬🇪 Soviet Past Research Laboratory (SovLab);

🇬🇪 Sofia Tchkonia, Entrepreneur;

🇺🇦 Svyatoslav Vakarchuk, Rock singer and activist;

🇺🇦 Volodymyr Biriukоv, journalist and TV and Radio host;

🇺🇦 Natalia Bimbirayte, a human rights activist;

🇺🇦 Dementii Bielyi, Historian documenting war crimes, Russian propaganda, and educating about Kherson's history;

🇺🇦 Tetyana Matushchak, journalist and educator;

🇺🇦 Volodymyr Lipkan, scientist and journalist;

🇺🇦 organization “Educational Human Rights House – Chernihiv”

The event was attended by the first secretary at the Embassy of Ukraine Anatolii Khrystenko, representative from the European Union delegation Maia Mateshvili, as well as representatives from academia, media and civil society. Welcome remarks were delivered by Mariam Gersamia, the Founder of "Media Voice," and Teona Tskhomelidze, Executive Director of "Media Voice."

🏆 We congratulate the winners of the “history Keepers” prize!


The awarding ceremony will be conducted in frame of the project "History Keepers for Peace and Security”, funded by the European Union within its Eastern partnership Civil Society Regional Fellowship Program.

Follow the links to watch media coverage of the event: Mravari Arkhi, Formula TV, TV Pirveli, InterPressNews

Our special thanks to EaP Fellows 2023 for contribution: Mariam Gersamia, Sandro Megrelishvili and Olena Afanasieva and Mariam Khuroshvili, Regional Liaison for the EaP Fellowship Programme;


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