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Workshop on Image-building in Politics

Joint workshops were organized by the MCERC Partner - the South Caucasus Office of the Friedrich Naumann Foundation (in cooperation with the Center for Strategic Dialogue) - within the framework of the project “Liberal Platform for Youth Organizations of Political Parties”.

On May 23, 10 representatives of youth organisations of political parties attended the theoretical and practical sessions as part of the project. The sessions were conducted by the founder of MCERC, Prof Mariam Gersamia and covered the following topics:

  • How do media and audience perceive us?

  • Media and pseudo-reality; Triggers for creating a politician’s image in the media;

  • How the politician’s image is created and changed over time?

  • Media and memory: creating and reframing an image of a politician in crisis and non-critical situations;

  • How to build a personal brand ID in politics?

  • Brand storytelling: Positioning in social networks, communicating with different target groups; Basics of body language

We would like to thank the Friedrich Naumann foundation for Freedom South Caucus Office and the participants for their involvement in the sessions and an interesting discussion.


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