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Training with “Democracy Defenders” in Communication Strategies

Media and Communication Educational and Research Center (MCERC) continues to hold workshops and trainings on "Public Relations and Communication Strategies". Members of the youth civil movement "Defenders of Democracy", including students of the School of Law, participated in the meeting held on April 8th in Tbilisi. .

Trainings were attended by organisation members, including students from various Universities and high schools.

“Defenders of Democracy” is a youth civil movement that aims to protect democracy in Georgia, stop authoritarianism, and promote the country's Euro-Atlantic integration. We, the defenders of democracy, actively share our knowledge and experience with other organizations in order to strengthen non-violent resistance, while working towards development on a daily basis, ”said Rafiel Kakabadze, the movement's co-founder.

Participants created sound scripts for public statements, enacted them in front of the camera, participated in briefing enactment and debates.

Workshops are based on media psychologist Prof. Mariam Gersamia’s certified course (PR 101) and consist of the following theoretical and practical modules and topics:

• Communication models & Body language

• Media memory and message structuring (“sound scripting “)

• Public speaking and debating skills

• Organising a briefing

• Media relations: writing crisis response plan

• Media and emotions: why negative news attract us?

• Creating strategic communication plan.


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