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New Educational Module at Tbilisi State University

"Solidarity Journalism in the Global Era" - with this title, for the first time ever, the innovative educational course has been introduced at Tbilisi State University (faculty of social and political sciences). The course is implemented into English-taught graduate program "Media Psychology and Communications".

The authors of the educational module are Prof. Mariam Gersamia (Georgia) and Prof. Olena Shevchenko (Ukraine). This Semester, seminars for local and international students from Georgia, France, Estonia and Turkey are led by prof. Olena Shevchenko.

Within the framework of various projects, MCERC conducts trainings and discussions about the solidarity journalism and, in this process actively cooperates with international partners, including American professor Anita Varma, the author of the concept of "Solidarity Journalism";

The educational course was created under the series of "History Keepers" in the frame of the project "Solidarity Journalism for Peace and Security" funded by the European Union, within its Eastern Partnership Civil Society Fellowship Programme.


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