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Memorandum for supporting informal education

From now on, MCERC and LAB will set out to support informal education and popularize science and the technological field amongst girls in a series of joint activities

Memorandum of cooperation between MCERC (Media and Communication Educational and Research Center) and LAB was signed on 20 December. The aim of this memorandum is to support informal education as well as to organise and hold joint local and international projects, conferences, workshops and public talks. Both sides have agreed to implement joint educational activities, which will aim at the realization of an individual’s intellectual, creative and professional potential.

From MCERC’s side, the memorandum was signed by the center’s chairwoman, Mariam Gersamia, who made the following comment: “Spreading education about new technologies and science and popularizing innovative knowledge is very important in the Media and Communication field. Collaboration with LAB includes activities, which aim to encourage involvement of women and girls in various scientific (media and technology included) fields.”

From LAB’s side, the memorandum was signed by Anna Kachiuri, who remarked that “It is very important for the technological and scientific fields to cooperate with the media and education sectors in order to popularise innovations and increase involvement and encouragement of women in the field. LAB collaborates with various organisations and is enthusiastic about embracing beliefs, which ensure individual development and humanist values (equality, freedom, tolerance etc.) in the age of fast technological advancement. Our company’s everyday work is a perfect reflection of upholding such values.”

The event was also attended by MCERC Board Member and Senior Researcher Maia Toradze and LAB’s team members.


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