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“Media Voice” joins the Media Freedom Coalition!

“Media Voice” joins the Media Freedom Coalition for advancing media freedom in South Caucasus and Black Sea region.

Sept. 11, 2023 – Media Voice has officially become a member of the Media Freedom Coalition Consultative Network. The Coalition brings together renowned organizations, including ARTICLE 19, Public Media Alliance, Committee to Protect Journalists, DW Akademie, Reporters Without Borders, Media Action Nepal (MAN), Association for International Broadcasting, Committee to Protect Journalists, International Federation of Journalists, International Media Support, International Press Institute, Internews, The Guardian, Free Press Unlimited (FPU) and many others, all united by a shared commitment to preserving and promoting media freedom. Together, we form a formidable force in advocating for a free and vibrant media landscape.

Founded in 2015 by prof. Mariam Gersamia, Media Voice has been advocating media freedom, fostering independent journalism, and highlighting the critical role of a free press in democratic societies. Media Voice started its collaboration with the Media Freedom Coalition in 2022, marking the beginning of a powerful partnership for media freedom.

“Together with its fellow coalition members, Media Voice will continue to champion transparency, combat disinformation, and ensure that the voices of journalists are heard far and wide. Together, we will work hand in hand with the Coalition for Media Freedom to make a positive difference in safeguarding media freedom worldwide” – says the founder of the Media Voice and currently Media Program manager at Transparency international Georgia.

“Media Voice's unique strength lies in its dedicated focus on the South Caucasus and Black Sea regions. This strategic emphasis recognizes the specific challenges and opportunities in these areas and underscores the importance of amplifying media voices from this region on the global stage”- says Executive Director of Media Voice Teona Tskhomelidze.

About Media Voice: Media Voice, formerly known as the Media and Communication Educational and Research Center, is a prominent organization dedicated to advancing media freedom, supporting independent journalism, and advocating for the indispensable role of a free press in democratic societies. Founded in 2015, Media Voice focuses its efforts on the South Caucasus and Black Sea regions, recognizing the unique challenges and opportunities in these areas.

About the Media Freedom Coalition: coalition is a global alliance of countries, organizations, and individuals committed to promoting media freedom, defending the rights of journalists, and ensuring the vitality of a free press. With members from 50 countries spanning six continents, the coalition engages in advocacy, diplomatic interventions, legal reforms, events, and funding to preserve and expand media freedom worldwide.

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