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Summit of Democracy 2024: Media Freedom Chaleenges

At the 3rd Summit of Democracy, the Media Freedom Coalition (MFC) hosted a session titled "Media Freedom Underpinning Democracy – New Challenges, New Momentum" on March 19, 2024. The discussion was facilitated by Nick Benequista, Director of the Center for International Media Assistance, and Mariam Gersamia, professor at TSU, founder of MediaVoice (Georgia), and a member of the MFC’s Consultative Network.

Opening remarks were delivered by the MFC co-chair country Ambassadors Kartin Kiwi (Estonia) and George Schmidt (Germany). Participants in the discussion included representatives from the US State Department, various embassies in Seoul, international organizations, and media outlets. The discussion followed the "Chatham House Rule" for confidentiality and openness.

Professor Mariam Gersamia emphasized both the challenges faced by media and supportive mechanisms available. She participated in sessions on topics such as the impact of new technologies, particularly AI, on media, as well as the crucial role of civil society in bolstering resilience in Ukraine, etc.

3rd Summit of Democracy was held in the Republic of Korea, Seoul, on March 18-20. Around 300 delegates including government officials, representatives from international organizations, academia, and civil society, were gathered in Korea to discuss policy enhancements and strategic pathways to shape a better future for future generations. Kicking off the summit on Monday, March 18th, a ministerial-level meeting coupled with expert roundtable discussions. And on the second day, March 19, sessions were held led by civil society.  See more:


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