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Education: Collaboration with Universities for professional growth

The memorandum of understanding between Ivane Javakhishvili Tbilisi State University and MCERC was renewed in 2019. The memorandum was signed by the university rector, Girogi Sharvashidze and the Center’s Chairwoman, Professor Mariam Gersamia.

As part of the collaboration, activities for both students’ and professors’/instructors’ professional development were planned, amongst other things to enable the application of theoretical knowledge acquired in practical ways (e.g. as part of an internship) as well as to facilitate participation in both local and international projects/conferences. As per the memorandum, university students and professors will be given an opportunity to get actively involved in the events planned by the Center. The Center has been closely working with TSU from 2017 onwards.

In the frame of the collaboration graduate students (from the program “media psychology and communications) have already successfully completed the internship credit-courses at MCERC: presented papers at international conferences and became co-authors of the studies published in peer-reviewed journals and textbooks.

In addition, a new series of workshops entitled “Crisis Management and Media Psychology” was held for entry-level journalists as part of the memorandum with TSU. The first twenty participants were introduced to methods of communication with media in critical situations as well as attributes that accompany work in the media field; aspects of the influence of media psychology through critical times were also discussed. Participants were encouraged to work in groups: based on the observation of the effects of media in specific cases, they presented their action plans for the critical times. At the end of the workshop, participants were awarded certificates. The workshop was held by Professor Mariam Gersamia (TSU) and Associated Professor Maia Toradze (TSU).


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