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International collaboration for media development across South Asia and Caucasus

Media and Communication Educational and research Center (MCERC) and Media Action Nepal (MAN), Nepal’s leading media rights and research organization have agreed to collaborate for expanding international partnerships and building media supportive networks across the world mainly in South Asia and the Caucasus region.

To this end, MAN and MCERC reached to an agreement on August 11, according to which both organizations will host joint webinars, training and discussion sessions for working journalists of Nepal and Georgia on fact-checking, media literacy, digital media, gender mainstreaming in media, media psychology, ownership, safety of journalists and other pressing media and communication issues. This agreement aims to conduct joint media-related studies, organize international events, collaboration for media development through cross-country media research, capacity building of journalists and media exchange programs.

MAN has been working to promote freedom of expression and media development focusing on media and journalism, human rights, media research, right to information, communication and policy advocacy to foster inclusive, independent and accountable media. Similarly, MCERC has been supporting the enhancement of media and mass-communication fields by creating new knowledge and educational-research activities and raising awareness in media literacy. Both organizations were established in the year 2015.

The agreement was signed in between Laxman Datt Pant, Chairperson of MAN and Professor Mariam Gersamia, Chairwoman of MCERC.


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