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Memorandum with International University "Alterbridge"

On 15 December a cooperation memorandum was signed between MCERC (Media and Communication Educational and Research Center) and “AlterBridge” - International University of Management and Communication.

MCERC’s side in the memorandum was represented by the center’s Chairwoman Mariam Gersamia, meanwhile the university’s side was represented by the university Rector Natia Gotsadze.

"I am thrilled that as part of our partnership we get to involve students and academic personnel in projects initiated by the Media and Communication Educational and Research Center and co-organize various large-scale events on society’s most topical affairs. I believe that our collaboration will be mutually beneficial and fruitful” - commented “AlterBridge” rector Natia Gotsadze.

The aim of this memorandum is to contribute to the development of higher education and provide the job market with highly qualified, competent individuals; to implement educational systems which meet international standards and contemporary career advancement requirements.

The sides have agreed to implement joint aimed programs/projects, to plan and realize research activities, joint conferences and practical educational activities, which will be focused on improving intellectual, creative and professional qualities of individuals as well as providing the labor market with adequate employees.

“Our collaboration is fortified by values which are a pre-requisite for a life-long successful learning and education. These values include respect towards notions of diversity, professionalism, appreciation and encouraging of creativity and freedom as well as building teamwork and trust amongst other things. We are planning many interesting joint projects together with “Alterbridge”, which will surely help students and the academic staff’s self-realization and development” - noted MCERC Chairwoman Mariam Gersamia.

The signing ceremony was attended by ”Alterbridge’s” Vice-Rector and Head of the Higher Education Program Mako Jaoshvili, Head of the Mass Communication Bachelor Program Tamta Jinjolava as well as MCERC’s Board Member and Senior Researcher Maia Toradze.


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