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"Media Voice: More Freedom, Less Self-censorship" Project Launch

Media and Communication Educational and Research Center (MCERC) is launching an innovative project “Media Voice: More Freedom, Less Self-censorship”.

The proposed project will promote freedom of expression by building media viability and resilience against self-censorship and fear through capacity building of media workers and empowering supportive media environment.

The objectives of project “Media Voice” are to strengthen the supportive media environment by developing solidarity journalism, building a solidarity network and reducing polarization among media workers; the project aims to enhance journalists’ competencies in covering topics, which are related to human rights without fear and self-censorship, more accurately.

A variety of the following activities are planned nationwide as part of the “Media Voice” project, throughout 2022-2023: trainings and seminars, forums, solidarity events and discussions, public awareness campaigns.

Within the frame of the project, MCERC is cooperating with different media outlets and higher educational institutions. TSU International Law Institute (Jean Monet Chair / UEUPE) and The University Of Georgia are the main partners of the project.

The project "Media Voice: More Freedom, Less Self-censorship" is implemented with the support of Embassy of the Netherlands in Georgia.


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