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Media Voice Commemorates World Press Freedom Day in Chile

Media Voice was actively engaged in World Press Freedom Day 2024 through a series of events, joint statements with the Media Freedom Coalition, and participation in academic conferences.

Professor Mariam Gersamia, Founder and Chairwoman of Media Voice, presented a study titled "Media Environment during Political Polarization and Crisis in Georgia" at two academic sessions at World Press Freedom Day, in Santiago: one at the Faculty of Communications, Pontifical Catholic University of Chile, and another at the University of Chile.

The study, “Media Environment during Political Polarization and Crisis in Georgia”, conducted with the support of the Friedrich Naumann Foundation for Freedom South Caucasus Office, presented the challenges faced by journalists in Georgia during polarisation and crisis.

During these sessions, Professor Gersamia shed light on the impact of "Russian Law" in Georgia and addressed questions regarding ongoing protests and resilience in the region.

Media Voice, as a member of the Media Freedom Coalition Consultative Network, actively participated in events hosted by the MFC at UNESCO's global conference in Santiago, Chile. Professor Gersamia represented Media Voice in discussions and activities aimed at supporting journalists at risk through safe refuge and coordinated advocacy.

A side session organized by the MFC at the conference focused on "Case Studies of Action from the Media Freedom Coalition," providing insights and lessons from recent initiatives. Professor Gersamia also attended a multistakeholder workshop aimed at improving the MFC's primary activities, building on discussions from a previous workshop held in New York in 2023. The recording of the session is available here.

The workshop in Santiago saw around 40 participants engaging in discussions, both in person and online, covering areas such as legal reforms, embassy networks initiative, and effective responses to cases of concern.

The MFC's side event at the global World Press Freedom Day conference 2024. 

Photos from X/Tweeter of MFC

These discussions have generated valuable suggestions, currently being refined and consolidated by the MFC Secretariat to shape recommendations for the future.


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