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Effective media-monitoring reports: Framing, measurement and evaluation

Author: Mariam Gersamia

published in "Competing identities: The state of play of PR in the 2010s"

Effective media-monitoring reports: Framing, measurement and evaluation

Producing proper media-monitoring reports are essential for PR specialists as well as for media-researchers. As for Journalists and associates, they can apply this researchbased knowledge to become more result-oriented. Research Question: what are the elements that exist in the story or event and cause positive or negative media reflection, framing of the news? Hypothesis 1: The elements that influence on media tone are in correlation with each other and the more elements/symbols exist in the story, the more influence they have on media-coverage. Hypothesis 2: These elements might be used during event-planning, agenda-setting for adjusting the media stance of the relevant organization and framing the positive or negative media-positioning. Hypothesis 3: There could be some correlation between the relevant organization’s pro activeness, which shapes the organization’s niche in the media, and the negative news niche about the organization. The goal of the research: identify the indicators/elements, that cause the positive or negative make up of the media content. Also, provide the recommendations for mediaresearchers, as well as for PR specialists and journalists. Methods: using quantitative and content-based analysis, more than 10,000 news stories covering the fields of Education and Science, in broadcast media have been analyzed. Findings: based on the research the main elements that cause positive and/or negative coverage in the media have been identified. According to the findings of the survey 12 positive and 12 indicators/element had been detected. These elements in the study have the unique name: “Magic 12”. Research limitations: the research observes the only branch – education and science, and shows the particles of event-planning, which might be suitable or not for any other context, branch and environment. Future research context: conduct the survey to determine major and minor elements, that are more or less significant for the public. With the additional help of a custom-made pattern and coding system it becomes easier to analyse the relevant organisation’s stance in particular news network and efficiency of media-relations, as well as assessing the media-product itself (accuracy of coverage) and the company’s result vector (in setting the agenda). Efficiency of the above mentioned media-monitoring reports were tested and applied in Georgia’s Ministry of Education and Science in 2007-09. see more:

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