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Webinar on “Ukraine Facing War and Crisis Communications”

Partnering up with the Media and Communication Education and Research Center, the PR Association held a webinar on March 18th discussing “Ukraine Facing War and Crisis Communications”. The webinar was opened by the President of the PR Association, Mako Jaoshvili. The meeting began with the participants observing a minute of silence in honour of the heroes who lost their lives in Ukraine.

Four topical themes were presented by four speakers at the webinar.

  • Mariam Gersamia, Chair of MCERC, spoke about how the image of nations is being re-formed in times of war and crisis (on the example of the Russia-Ukraine war);

  • Mako Jaoshvili, President of the PR Association, Vice-Rector of the International University of Management and Communication "Alterbridge", spoke about the strategic tactics of story-telling in the context of an aggressive conflict with Ukraine;

  • Doctor of Social Sciences in Mass Communications, Assistant professor at “Alterbridge” Tamta Jinjolava, spoke on the role and importance of communication during crises and crisis communication models;

  • Nino Tsitlanadze, Executive Secretary of the PR Association and Founder of Nino Tsitlanadze Consultancy, gave a presentation on the topic "Does Creativity also Win the War ?!".

A discussion was held after the webinar. The meeting was attended by students, representatives from PR, non-governmental and academic fields. A discussion on this particular topic was the first to be held and it subsequently outlined future visions and perspectives.

MCERC successfully collaborates with various organizations, higher education institutions and companies. Together with the PR Association, the Center is involved in organising sectoral discussions "Careers of the Future: Why PR?".

The webinar was broadcasted live on the Facebook pages of the PR Association and MCERC.


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