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Summit for Democracy: Media Freedom Cohort Findings released

As part of the #Summit4Democracy 2023, the US State Department has released the Democracy Cohort reports. One of these reports is the Media Freedom Cohort Report, in which over 100 governments, non-governmental and media organizations, and corporations worldwide have agreed to a coordinated commitment to protect media freedom.

Out of all the organizations involved in the Media Freedom Cohort working groups to prepare the report, "Media Voice" was the only organization from Georgia.

To support independent media, the Media Freedom Cohort has established an unprecedented network of global partnerships within the framework of the Democracy Summit.

The Media Freedom Cohort prepared a report on three priority areas within the framework of the Democracy Summit: protection of the safety of journalists, protection of freedom of expression, and strengthening of independent and diverse media.

"Media Voice" actively collaborates with the Media Freedom Coalition and works alongside a global network of media organizations to improve the media environment.

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