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Statement in Support of the Ukrainian People

MCERC Joined a Statement of organizations and individuals working in the field of mental health in Georgia in support of the Ukrainian people and our colleagues.

Statement of organizations and individuals working in the field of mental health in Georgia

Tbilisi, March 21, 2022

We, organizations registered in Georgia, Unions created by civil Initiative, Individuals and students,

Those who are engaged in mental health care by the means of professional practice, extend our appeal in support of the Ukrainian people and our colleagues, against the war waged by Russia in Ukraine on February 24, 2022.

According to professional ethics, It is our duty, regardless of gender, race, age, religion, ethnicity and other diverse backgrounds, to help anyone who is experiencing any challenges related to mental health problems caused by political, economic, social, cultural and external mechanisms within a community.

War is the greatest catastrophe; it is the most immoral and destructive act, that threatens the lives of millions of Submit your firs people. Russia's war in Ukraine is a crime against humanity that has no justification. This war is destroying people's lives and the monuments created by civilization and culture over the centuries, with horrific cruelty right in front of our eyes, and we, together with the whole world, are witnessing how firmly and courageously the civilized world opposes Russian imperial ambitions and aggression.

We declare our full solidarity with the Ukrainian people and our Ukrainian colleagues who are fighting today to salvage and preserve the independence and identity of their country; They continue to perform their professional duties in unbelievable conditions-from basements, bunkers, even in exile conditions - only to alleviate the heaviest days for people, while their homes, workplaces, and families are being bombed and destroyed.

We appeal to our colleagues in the Russian Federation:

We applaud and appreciate the civic position of our colleagues, who protested against this blood-shedding war, which is equivalent to civic heroism under the current Russian regime.

We can not advise what you should do in a totalitarian, autocratic and despotic country in order to protect the very purpose, ethics, and principles of professional practice, but you should know that your silence contributes to the tragedy of millions of peaceful people killed and displaced in Ukraine.

3 million people have already been forcefully displaced from Ukraine. We know, from our own experience, the suffering and loss people go through by turning into refugees and/or displaced population for more than 30 years.

There are 300,000 Internally Displaced Persons in Georgia as a result of 30 years of Russian aggression. Your silence has also contributed to the loss and suffering of the IDPS in Georgia.

Our solidarity with Ukraine and its people!

І настане час, коли один скаже: «Слава Україні!», а мільйони йому відповідатимуть: «Героям слава!»

1. National Gestalt Center for Psychology and Psychotherapy

2. Dimitri Uznadze Psychology Training-Consulting Center

3. University of Georgia Psychological Service Center - "Contact"

4. Psychotherapeutic and consulting clinic

5. NNLE "Bridge for Social Inclusion"

6. Animotermi

7. Psychological Support Center

8. The Psychological Counseling Diagnostic Center is an idyll

9. Caucasus Institute of Gestalt Therapy and Family Psychotherapy

10. Georgian National Association of Gestalt Therapists

11. Association of Psychologists and Psychotherapists

12. Georgian Young Psychologists Association (GYPA)

13. "Together for One"

14. Media and Communication Educational and Research Center

15. Psychotherapy House Kamara

16. Open House Organization

17. Georgian Society of Perinatal Psychotherapy - Perike

18. Georgian Society of Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy

19. "Peacebuilding and Peace Research"

20. Myelin Clinic

21. Psychotherapeutic Gestalt Clinic

22. Psychological Service Center - Greenhouse

23. Georgian Association of Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy

24. Georgian Society of Philosophical Praxis

25. Marine Chitashvili, Professor, Psychologist

26. Shota Berulava, Psychologist / Adolescent Psychoconsultant

27. Sofia Verulashvili, Associate Professor, Psychologist, Psychotherapist, EAGT Accredited Gestalt Therapist

28. Maka Isakadze, EAGT / Psycho Traumatologist, Psychotherapist, EAGT

29. Ketevan Kereselidze, Psycho Traumatologist

30. Ketevan Siordia, Psychologist

31. Liko Jalali, Psychologist

32. Nino Rogava, Psychologist

33. Ekaterine Burkiashvili, Psychologist

34. Ana Darakhvelidze, Psychologist, Child Psychoconsultant

35. Elene Baramidze, Psychologist

36. Ana Karaulashvili, Neuropsychologist

37. Natia Malania, Child and adolescent psychodiagnostic, psychoconsultant

38. Iza Kobiashvili, Psychologist, psychotherapist. Member of the Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy Society of Georgia. A (A) IP "Together for One"

39. Lika Mkhatvari, Developmental Psychologist

40. Lika Kapanadze, Gestalt Consultant

41.Dimitri Nadirashvili, Professor, Doctor of Psychology, EAGT, EPA Accredited Psychotherapist

42. Tinatin Pantsulaia, Professor, Doctor of Psychology, Psychotherapist, EAGT Accredited Gestalt Therapist

43. Tea Gogotishvili, Professor, Doctor of Psychology, EAGT, EPA Accredited Psychotherapist

44. Nana Burduli, Professor, Doctor of Psychology, EAGT Accredited Gestalt Therapist

45. Maia Tsibalishvili, Psychologist

46. Lasha Khojanashvili, Ph.D, developmental psychologist

47. Tamar Devidze, Historian, PhD student in Political Science

48. Megi Sajaia, Psychologist, psychoconsultant

49. Giorgi Chanturia, Psychologist

50. Tinatin Bandzeladze, Psychologis

51. Sofi Mosia, Psychologist

52. Shalva Maminashvili, Psychologist

53. Maia Mazanishvili, Psychologist, Director of Regional Clinical Services

54. Lika Barabadze, Gestalt therapist

55.Eka Javakhishvili, Psycho Consultant

56. Vakhtang Gomelauri, Assistant Professor, Psychotherapist

57. Mariam Gersamia, Professor, Media Psychologist

58. Salome Panjikidze, Psychotherapist

59. Elene Japaridze, Psychologist, Psychotherapist, Doctor of Gender

60. Irakli Barkalaia, EAGT / Psychotherapist EAGT

61. Nata Mepharishvili, Child and Adolescent counselor

62. Nino Kiladze, Psychologist

63. Mariam Alania, Perinatal psychotherapist

64. Lela Kldiashvili, Psychologist

65.Tamar Kobuladze, Doctor of Psychology, Work and Organizational Psychologist

66. Tamar Chincharauli, Neuropsychologist

67. Marekh Devidze, Psychologist

68. Nutsa Sagaradze, Psychologist

69. Kristine Lortkipanidze, Researcher, psychologist

70. Bella Arutinov, TSU, Associate Professor

71. Tatia Adamashvili, Psychologist

72. Maia Jincharadze, Psychologist

73. Olga Jacobia, Psychologist

74. Nino Skhirtladze, Psychologist, researcher

75.Tina Solomonia, Psychology student

76.Tinatin Kareli, Psychology student

77. Sopho Narimanidze, Psychology student

78. Nato Laghidze, Psychology student

79. Dali Lashkhidze, Psychologist, EAGT Accredited Gestalt Therapist

80. Barbare Chkuaseli, Master of Clinical Psychology, EAGT Accredited Gestalt Therapist

81. Mikheil Kurtanidze, Master of Psychology, Gestalt Consultant CIGTFP

82. Tamar Khubulava, Physician-psychotherapist, Gestalt Consultant CIGTFP

83. Ana Papidze, Theologian, Teacher, EAGT Accredited Gestalt Therapist

84. Lia Tushishvili, Pediatrician, Physician-Psychotherapist, EAGT Accredited Gestalt Therapist

85. Tamara Mamulashvili-Birchi, EAGT, EPA Accredited Gestalt Therapist, Full Member of the New York Gestalt Therapists Association NYIGT, Full Member of the American Gestalt Therapists Association IAAGT

86. Tekle Makhashvili, Psychology student

87. Elene Jashi, Psychologist, student

88. Nata Jokhadze, Psychologist, student

89. Nata Ebanoidze, Psychologist

90. Ekaterine Pirtkhalava, Professor, Psychologist

100. Mariam Meburishvili, Psychologist

101.Tinatin Babunashvili, Psychologist

102. Paata Alaverdashvili, Mental health specialist, psychotherapist

103. Gvantsa Jinashvili, Clinical Psychologist

104. Maia Tsiramua, Psychotherapist, Clinical supervisor

105. Tamuna Bokuchava, Psychotherapist, Drug addiction clinic "Neogeni"

106. Natia Kutchukhidze, Psychotherapist

107. Lili Khechuashvili, Professor, Psychologist

108. Lado Gamsakhurdia, Psychologist, Researcher-consultant

109, Lance Castille

Cross-Cultural Psychologist, Doctor of Psychology (Psy.D), Professor, Master’s in Dispute Resolution (MDR), Master’s in Education (M.Ed), World Federation of Mental Health (WFMH), International Association of Cross-Cultural Psychology (IACCP), Co-Director of C&C Research Associates

110. Lili Castille, Cross-Cultural Psychologist, Doctor of Psychology (Psy.D), Professor, Master’s in Dispute Resolution (MDR), Master’s in Education (M.Ed), World Federation of Mental Health, International Association of Cross-Cultural Psychology (IACCP), Co-Director of C&C Research Associates

111. mari kikalishvili, Clinical psychologist

112. Irma Kvachadze, Clinical Psychologist MD, Psychotherapist

113. Zanda Chechelashvili, Child and adolescent psychoconsultant

114. Maia Machavariani-Tsereteli, Doctor of Psychology, Clinical Neuropsychologist

115. Natia Sordia, PhD, Assistant professor, TSU

116. David Amirejibi, Psychologist, Psychotherapist, Chairman of “Georgian Society of Philosophical Praxis”

117. Rusudan Mirtskhulava, PhD in psychology, Professor at Ilia state university, art therapist

118. Ia Aptarashvili, PhD in Psychology, TSU Associate Professor

119. Mariam Panjikidze, Psychotherapist, Assistant Professor, TSU

120. Marina Goksadze Psychological center


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