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"Media Voice" Training for Journalists and Students

"Children Are Not Born with Prejudices!" - this is a Swedish project, within the framework of which the film was screened at Tbilisi State University. The project aims to change the stereotyped thinking, vision, and attitude toward people with disabilities.

On this day, 20 students from different universities of Georgia attended the movie screening of „The Importance of Tying your own Shoes” followed by a discussion and training.

The film (2011) is based on the real story of the creation of the Glady Hudik Theater with the participation of typical and disabled actors. Discussion was followed by training for media school students about "What should we know about media coverage of people with disabilities?". Training was conducted by the "Media Voice" Executive Director Teona Tskhomelidze (director of Radio "Commersant").

At the end of the training, the participants were awarded certificates.

Our Special thanks to Anuki Sturua, Glada Hudik-teatern, Par Johansson, Svenska institutet and Embassy of Sweden in Tbilisi


survey presentation_17 July
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